The United Kingdom
British Flag
General Information
Location:North of France
Notable Individuals:Prime Minister
  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Monarchy of the United Kingdom
  • Rear Admiral George St. Clair
  • Captain Blair Halfwright
Factions:Royal Armoured Corps

Freedom League

Notable events:Resource Wars
  • European Civil War
  • Great War
Current status:Nuclear Wasteland

The United Kingdom was a European nation comprising of most of the Britannic Isles, and a few Overseas Territories in both the Mediterranean and South Atlantic, and former member of the European Commonwealth. The United Kingdom lost most of its overseas holdings following World War Two, and further holdings in the 20th century. She would later in the 21st century, take part in the Resource Wars and in the European Civil War, fighting over what remained of the world's natural resources. Despite her small size, she was not spared from the nuclear warheads of the Great War, though was spared the force of which many larger nations, such as the United States of America, was struck, becoming another crippled European nation, and a footnote in the history books.


Overseas Territories


Post War





Pre-War Nations

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