Up is a potent chem produced by the associates of Clan Vernon. The substance was first synthesized in 2141, when Clan Vernon and the Kutya Tribe forged an alliance with each other. For decades, members of the Kutya Tribe manufactured a psychoactive substance made of rotten punga fruit, water from the Atlantic Ocean, and methane gas for use during special occasions. When a group of Clan Vernon explorers first encountered the tribals from the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2133, it was seen as a special occasion, and the elders of the tribe shared the substance with their visitors. When the expedition returned to New Castle, Andre Vernon was intrigued. He himself was a chem addict, and the description of the drug piqued his interest.

Andre sent a delegation back to the Kutya Tribe and invited representatives of the tribal group back to New Castle. The Kutya accepted, and the two groups forged an alliance. Clan Vernon would provide the Kutya with weapons, armor, materials, and even manpower in their constant battles against other tribal groups in the area, and in exchange, the Kutya would provide Clan Vernon with regular shipments of the psychoactive substance. Andre Vernon initially kept the drug himself and his own personal use, but soon saw the profitability in marketing it.

A batch of Up, worth thousands of caps.

After a few years of experimentation with contracted chemists and chem manufacturers, Clan Vernon perfected the synthesization of the chem known as Up.

The consistency of taffy, Up is sold in small wads wrapped in foil, baking parchment or similar non-stick wrappings. It is limited to being sold in Delaware, New Jersey, New York City and Long Island and southwestern Pennsylvania- as well as parts of Maryland and the Capital Wasteland.


Within minutes of ingestion, users feel the effects of Up. Their bodies feel light, and they feel feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Perception of time slows and users go into a dissociative state. Most simply succumb the chem and lounge around enjoying the experience, but those who take a weak dose or have an unusually high tolerance can function, albeit with some impairment. The effects generally last anywhere between two to six hours, but can last more or less depending on how much was consumed and the physical characteristics of the user.

Long term-use of Up does have side effects, both mental and physical. The chem is addictive, and continued use can cause both psychological and physical addiction. The substance can also have a profound impact on the body. Long-term use can cause black, rotten teeth and gums and semi-permanent bags under the eyes and darkened blood vessels in the eyes.

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