hey guys!

I am totally new to this wiki thing but my friends say it's a blast and while looking through the Fallout Wiki (LOVE FALLOUT!) I saw a link here! I was so surprised to see such a big wiki and decided to join IMMEDIATELY.

Now, two places that I have absolutely wanted to see in the Fallout World is the Midwest, which according to Fallout is...

"the former north-central states of the United States, specifically Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin (the Plains Commonwealth and Midwest Commonwealth). Although these states are generally considered to constitute the region, opinions on the exact borders of the Midwest vary. 'In California, it is said that there are miles wide twisters in the Midwest, and that the place is one big radioactive dustbowl."

Which to me thinks "NEW MAD MAX GAME! OMG! SOUNDS EPIC!" right? But I also like the idea of "The Sound", more specific Puget Sound and Seattle. Post-Apoch in the Northwest! AND! The Northwest is:

Northwest Commonwealth Wiki page WOOO!

But I can't decide, any opinions?