Hello everyone, I saw this being conducted on another website that I was on the other day. Basically what it is the players all pick a nation, state or group from the Fallout universe, they agree on the borders and where they can be placed and the players basically train military units, for example: The NCR trains one infantry battalion and one cavalry battalion and thats all they get for that turn along with an attack move. They play for a set amount of time and end whenever one side is the clear victor. Naturally the amount of units that can be trained are based around the population of said nation state, example: NCR has around 700,000 people according to Nukapedia and the Vault thus the number of units they can train would be limited by their population. The players can work out the populations of individual cities like New Reno and New Vegas (easily a couple thousand if you include the outlying settlements), accpet New Vegas would have its own faction. With groups like the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave that would be a little harder to decide, the Enclave probably no more than a couple thousand same with the brotherhood, but their population issues are naturally offset by the fact they have Power Armour and Vertibirds in the case of the Enclave. I think the biggest unit we could probably recruit is a regiment, anything bigger would be too costly to create. So what do you guys think?

Unit breakdown, Wikipedia

  • Regiment- 3,000-5,000 men
  • Battalion- 300-1,300 men
  • Company- 80-225 men
  • platoon- 26-64 men

These numbers can be adjusted for use by the Enclave and Brotherhood factions.

So my big question is, is anyone interested in playing? The nations are on a first come first serve basis. Just state the nation you wish to play as below in the comments.


Caesar's Legion (Imperial Realm allowed)-

New Vegas (Mr. House)-

Vault City-

Enclave(Perpetuals and Devil's Brigade allowed)-

Brotherhood of Steel (Idaho and capital wasteland are up for grabs)-

Desert Rangers-

Federal Republic of Libeteria-

Principality of Queensland-

Great Khans-


Badlanders (all clans included)-

The Chairmen-

Texas Cathedral (super mutants)-

Midessa Compact-

Midwest Brotherhood- Walrus

Texas Brotherhood of Steel-

The Mountaineers-

Wall Society-

The Shi-

The 80s-

Dead Horses and Sorrows-

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