To all those interested RPers of this site who are looking for a new RP I have an offer for you, This new RP; The Worn Trail takes place in the Texas-Tamaulipas region but naturally can extend further, I'd say the limit of the RP's scope would be between Austin and Ciudad Victoria but I digress. The RP follows the story of a second Brahmin Rancher-Cattlemen War between the Brahmin Ranchers of Falfurrias and the Longhorn ranchers of Tamaulipas' Cattle Country. The Falfurrias' Cattlemen Assocation has had enough of the intrusions by the Mexican cattlemen into their market, taking business away from them as the Mexican Cattle Barons find other ways to move their herds of Longhorns into the Corpse Coast, Falfurrias' primary market for their Brahmin. Led by the Falfurrias Brahmin Baron; Nathaniel Rooker the Texans have organized posses of mercenaries, and hired guns to ride against the Mexican herds once again, this time with the aim to stop all movement of cattle North. Down South in Tamaulipas the Mexican and Texican Ranchers rally around Cal Jackson, great great grandson of the famous Asa Jackson, as he forms up the ranchers of Valle Hermoso and San Fernando to protect their herds going North. Takes place in 2279. This hostile climate will inevitably lead to fighting between the two sides. If your interested in what you are reading, say so and state which character you will be RPing with.

CaptainCain (talk) 03:21, August 7, 2015 (UTC)