My Articles may be lacking in my usual style of in-game scene setting; since my Fallout 3 GECK didn't take a file very nicely and died, taking my Fallout 3 with it. I'll have to make steps from the bottom to the top again. So thats gonna be fun. I'll have to re-install my Fallout 3 game from the bottom up, and I'm recluctant to fiddle with the less than operable NV GECK that I've used, and whilst I could buy a brand new PC to make it run smoother, I'm not Richard Branson, so thats not the best plan.

I'll still work on articles, but pictures will be lacking for a time, though hopefully not for too long. I should be back up and running before long, so; just wanted to let everyone know if they notice me drop in edits.

CarthAntilles (talk) 20:43, May 23, 2015 (UTC)

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