I just served the shit out of TehK, and his girlfriend. Pattrick came up with the last burn.

Epic Burn- ROUND I

<Cewebwalz> What's with the username?

<TheCrush> oh ur cerebrals aren't you

<Cewebwalz> Wat?

<TheCrush> the one that doesn't like dwarfs? <Cewebwalz> Errr, who are you?

<TheCrush> samantha

<Cewebwalz> Heh, never knew TehK was into prostitutes.

Serving- ROUND II

<TehKrush> in my house

<Cewebwalz> Ah, so I can kill him?

<TehKrush> her

<TehKrush> and no

<TehKrush> she just blocked you.

<Cewebwalz> Wonder why....

<TehKrush> she doesn't appreciate you calling her a protitute.


<TehKrush> read

<TehKrush> the 3rd one down

<Cewebwalz> I'm sorry I insulted your right hand.

<TehKrush> what?

<Cewebwalz> I assume you named her/him Samantha.

<TehKrush> ...

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