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    Fan Futuristics Wiki

    April 28, 2010 by Composite 4

    Sorry, I am shamelessly advertising but I just want to put this out there ^.^

    As some of you may know I started a wiki a few days ago and its been my little project from its creation.

    I am managing the wiki the way I would have managed this one had I been given more time to implement changes I needed but contrary to popular belief I am not a tyrannical nazi who shoots down any creativity unless it is appealing to me.

    If you are interested in Bioshock fanon then give it a look: Click Here.

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    Review of Aquaculture

    February 7, 2010 by Composite 4

    OvaltinePatrol asked me to search through his plethora of articles and review one that needed improvement, and I was just about to but then I came across Aquaculture and decided it needed some recognition.

    Now, it's not very often that I come across an article depicting an advanced civilization that does not overdo it or decides that it is so advanced that it wants to be the Enclave v2 so that is why reading Aquaculture is a nice treat, but of course I wouldn't be myself if I just complimented the whole article.

    I'm going to skip down to the "Culture and Economy" section because the preceding sections need no help. The author tells us of the wonderful technological advancements and their production of different wonderful products but no expl…

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    I was asked to review this article a while ago, this review is coming a little late but better now than never :)

    Jerald Danville

    In my ordinary fashion I'll start reviewing the article from the top down and I have to say that the top would have turned me off from reading the entire article had I not been reading the article for a review. I fail to understand the purpose of quotes on characters because they always make the character look like an actor from a low-budget straight to dvd film. I am not completely against quotes but the truth is nobody ever comes up with a quote that is genuinely clever or interesting and since it is AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAGE it turns people off from reading the rest of the article, but, let's move on.

    Looking at th…

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    Let's start with the first section of the Steelhound Clan, the "History" section. Now, I know that people on the fanon have the habit of writing in an "encyclopedic" manner, meaning that they write important details down rather than everything that goes on pertaining to the particular article. That's all fine and dandy but that does not mean you should just jot down what happened and expect us to care. If you're going to write an article you need to elaborate on those important points, this is something the History section does not do. As I said in my last review, the first paragraphs in any article is very important because that is where we decide "should I read more of this?". I also felt when reading the first section that is was rushed…

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    Alexis Ashton:

    Alright, the beginning paragraph of any article should entice the reader not bore him, this paragraph achieves the latter. I honestly don't care what the character likes yet because I don't care about the character. The paragraph would have benefited if I was told something interesting about the character, such as a unique experience he had. The bit about him fighting the ghouls could have been that if it was explained in an entertaining matter. The paragraph jumps from what he likes to some adventure and doesn't make for a good read, we're not off to a good start.

    Directly after the first paragraph he goes on to tell me about his father and mother, which is the basic and all too common attempt to tell me how the character got h…

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