OvaltinePatrol asked me to search through his plethora of articles and review one that needed improvement, and I was just about to but then I came across Aquaculture and decided it needed some recognition.

Now, it's not very often that I come across an article depicting an advanced civilization that does not overdo it or decides that it is so advanced that it wants to be the Enclave v2 so that is why reading Aquaculture is a nice treat, but of course I wouldn't be myself if I just complimented the whole article.

I'm going to skip down to the "Culture and Economy" section because the preceding sections need no help. The author tells us of the wonderful technological advancements and their production of different wonderful products but no explanation as to how they go about producing them or where they got the knowledge to produce them. I feel if no explanation is given about mass production of really useful products we might as well let some random member mass produce tanks "just cause". The next section makes the same mistake. No matter how wonderful the article may be or if they never plan on using their technology to expand and imperialize, YOU MUST EXPLAIN. Aquaculture has a very advanced and efficient way of dealing with threats but the author gives no explanation on how they have this technology other than the existence of their science department, he makes it seem as though this civilization just sprung out of nowhere with these cool tricks up their sleeve and we just need to accept it. That said, the author also fails to give at least a brief history of their beginning and development, I personally believe that including the history of a civilization is the most crucial part of an article and the most interesting part to read, not to mention have the history there just makes the civilization all that more credible and realistic.

Aquaculture gets a 6.5/10 for its ability to include advanced technology and still not be an obnoxious Enclave clone, although, it's failure to include history or an explanation of its technology makes it lose major points.

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