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  • I was born on March 5
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  • Florida Born 77

    50 articles, wow.

    August 15, 2014 by Florida Born 77

    Well, I've noticed that as of today, Tamaulipas has fifty articles in it. Fifty. Of the currently 705 articles on this site, 7% of them take place south of the border in Old Mexico. And while they aren't all finished (hang in there JNA, the supermajority are. That's a milestone as far as I'm concerned and I'd like to take this milestone as a time to say thanks to the community here at TL for being supportive of the Tamaulipas Project. I'd like to thank OP for getting me started here and making the Tamaulipas template which has certainly grown. I'd like to thank HM for making one helluva interactive map for the various regions of Tamaulipas to give the project a professional feel. And I'd like to thank my two partners in crime Walrus and CC…

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  • Florida Born 77

    Alright this page is for everyone who has signed up for the new roleplay, if you don't know what this is then please check out this page right Here and remember there is an open invitation to everyone in the community. Now that that's said here's the deal to everyone involved: Before we start I think we need to plan, everyone's opinion is welcome. So far what we as the planners and participants of this thing need to do is determine a name, goal, storyline/goal, ETA, and rules. If anyone else can think of anything then please say so, so here's my ideas, y'all please give your take.

    • Name: I'm thinking make the name be "Once More Unto the Breach" as it is the final push and final campaign in La Guerra de la Ciudadela
    • Storyline/goal: The RP will…
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  • Florida Born 77

    Anybody Up For?

    August 18, 2013 by Florida Born 77

    ATTENTION THIS BLOG IS NOW OBSELETE, THE ROLEPLAY IS UP BUT THERE IS STILL AN OPEN INVITATION TO ANYONE INTERESTED IN JOINING, YOU CAN FIND THE ROLEPLAY HERE, THANK YOU. Attention: if you are interested then I have set up a planning blog here, please check it out if you're in. Hey, I realize I'm new here but here's what I got. There ain't a whole lot of activity on here, and I've seen this whole roleplay thing. I asked Scienceguy about it and he is yet to get back to me, so now I am going to ask the whole community to see if I can get any interest in it before I go to Ovaltine or another site authority. Is anyone interested in starting a roleplay based around La Guerra de la Ciudadela? If you have not read my articles let me explain what it…

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