• Greenhero55

    Everstrike - Chapter 2

    January 2, 2011 by Greenhero55

    John Hendix Took out his mighty double-barrel shotgun and aimed it at Kyle's head. Kyle reacted by taking his 9mm submachine gun and aimed it at John.

    "Screw you!" He screamed furiously. "You, "Jash", and every other messed up soul in this goddamn vault will perish! Just you wait, Old man! Just you wait!"

    He put his gun down and stormed away from them. Josh, Still bleeding, thanked him for the support, and headed on his way, but not to the cafeteria. He instead headed to the clinic, where he would be patched up. He limped in and went to the doctor's desk, where Luke Derker was sitting in, typing on a terminal. He looked up from it to Josh.

    "Hey, you look like a mess. Should I patch it up or should the nurse?" he joked.

    "I don't really have tim…

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  • Greenhero55

    Before The World was devastated by Atomic war, there was a skilled man who worked at Vault-Tec. He knew nothing about it's reasons for building the vaults.

    One day, the locations where each vault showed up as an announcement on his terminal. DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nothing was said about Philidelphia, or it's surrounding areas. He was outraged by each location, and his family, cremated by Radiation. So, He Started his own, secret project, called the Everstrike Project.

    The Everstrike Project was made to create a line of advanced Vaults in the Philidelphia Area. Basically, The Man Hacked into each blueprint into 92 of the possible 122 vaults, and combined some of them to create an advanced Vault. Then, He hired 139 builders and programmer…

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