John Hendix Took out his mighty double-barrel shotgun and aimed it at Kyle's head. Kyle reacted by taking his 9mm submachine gun and aimed it at John.

"Screw you!" He screamed furiously. "You, "Jash", and every other messed up soul in this goddamn vault will perish! Just you wait, Old man! Just you wait!"

He put his gun down and stormed away from them. Josh, Still bleeding, thanked him for the support, and headed on his way, but not to the cafeteria. He instead headed to the clinic, where he would be patched up. He limped in and went to the doctor's desk, where Luke Derker was sitting in, typing on a terminal. He looked up from it to Josh.

"Hey, you look like a mess. Should I patch it up or should the nurse?" he joked.

"I don't really have time for jokes, I just need to be patched up." Josh replied seriously.

"Sure. Let me just call the doctor."

He got up from his seat and went to an intercom next to a blinded window. He pressed the button and asked for the doctor, and in a flash, He was there.

"So, what seems to be the problem, Luke?" He asked. He payed no attention to Josh's Gashes.

"That man needs to be patched up right away, sir." Luke pointed to Josh.

The doctor got out his bandages and gause and made Josh lay on a bed. As he was wrapping gause around his arm, he spoke about his father:

"You father was elected Overseer this morning. First order of business was to open the Vault"

That suddenly surprised Josh with happiness. This was a good time to talk to him.

After He was patched up, he went over to go see his father. The way was easy: head for the second floor of the atrium and head right. As he walked over, he thought about last night some more.His memory was much better, now that he was patched.

Still Violent screams of help, but instead there was a woman. Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, average size, just standing there, staring at the incident.

Suddenly he remembered who it was. It was Shari Wayward.

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