Just giving everyone a heads up, the template for the music player is currently not working. If you make any kind of edit to a page right now with the player already embedded it will cause it to no longer function. So please keep that in mind before you do any minor editing on the wiki. Ask yourself if this edit can wait until the situation gets resolved.

There actually seems to be a lot of other wierd bugs occuring with the wikia code, so we'll need to have patience while this gets sorted.

UPDATE In the meantime, here is a workaround that should work for any affected pages. Its taken from our friends at the 40k wiki.

Episode 1 - November 23rd, 2014
<youtube width="30" height="25">iapdoybPkt8</youtube> <sup><span style="font-size:130%" span class="plainlinks">[ Episode 1 - November 23rd, 2014]</span></sup><br/>

or if you don't want to bother with a link or description you can just have the button with this

<youtube width="30" height="25">iapdoybPkt8</youtube>

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