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    August 1, 2013 by LMGVagabond

    Ok, so I'm appearently an admin now. Since OP's been slacking off on his duties, I'm here to whip you guys back into shape. There's going to be some serious changes around here. 

    Nah, I'm just kidding. You crazy kids do whatever you want and tear each other apart within reason.However, I'd be really happy if your characters started becoming more grounded and realistic. Not forcing you to do anything, but I think you'll find characters that aren't expert snipers, cyborgs, or all around gritty badasses (I'll admit I made my fair share back in the day) are alot more rewarding to write and more pleasing to read (or atleast I think so). Once again, just a suggestion.

    This is kinda what I'm taking about. 

    Have fun out there, kiddos!

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  • LMGVagabond

    Me > That other guy. End of discussion.

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  • LMGVagabond

    And it won't work. I bought it off of Gamestop's client, Impulse and when I start the game up, I can hear music, but the screen is black. After this goes on, I use Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and I am able to see the menu, but my mouse won't move. I have a 64-bit Intel labtop with Windows 7 installed. Also, I have heard tales from far away lands that say that some have played Fallout 1 on thier Windows 7 computers.

    Any help?

    -Lightmandaringinger Vagabond

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