(copied and pasted from Fallout Wiki)

I wanted to ask you guys what would make this story better.

It's for this RP site that I play on, and I really don't know how to kick start this story.

Here's the Main Plot

" The date was October 23, 2077; the day the bombs fell. In Adamsville (near the city of Flagstaff), many families entered the vault-tec vault, named Vault 10. It was supposed to be a top of a line vault, so many people lived in naive happiness for years.

Until 2110 of course.

Then the power in the vault began to fail, and life in the vault became hell. Frequent power losses were almost everyday. Even common household items failed. When the Technicians went to see the reactor, they determined that unless they found a certain power source to power this reactor, all power would fail.

That person was Thomas Rogers..... "

I wanted to ask, what should I add, what kind of Organization would be out in 2110, would mutants be around now?, etc. etc.