Do Synths Dream of Synthetic Gorillas?

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In this blog, MongoosePirate, a history buff with way too much time on his hands, will look over some of the more colorful content that has graced this wiki in the past ranging from impractical weapons to impractical spin-offs of canon groups. Not all of these pages were bad, but all of them were deleted for one reason or another. Let's dive in...

After the introduction of androids in Fallout 3 and before the appearance of synths in Fallout 4, the idea of artificially created people fascinated many on Tranquility Lane. Since many of the android's abilities were left unknown due Fallout 3's trademark vagueness, users tried to fill in the blanks with various new abilities pulled from similar concepts from popular culture, such as the Terminator from The Terminator series or the Replicants from Blade Runner. Today, we will be looking at four examples of android articles created before Fallout 4, which all vary in size and quality.

The first android we will be looking is named Kain Ruger and is no doubt my favorite. Kain Ruger was created on March 15, 2009 by Run4urLife!. I'll let his introduction speak for him:

"Kain Ruger, as he was for most of his life, was not so much born as created in the Institute, in the Massacheusetts Commonwealth, in a unique project, using Commonwealth robotics and a human brain, much like a Robobrain. He was a marvel of technology, both a success and a failure. He was capable of abstract thought, extremely intelligent, and most importantly, passed for human in everything but internal examinations such as X-Rays and CAT Scans. He found himself working for the Commonwealth after his human life was brought to a brutal stop after he was mistakenly shot and became a quadriplegic."

Although Kain's creation was vastly different from a normal synths in Fallout 4, it did somewhat resemble Nick Valentine's, and Kain shared many other characteristics with normal synths, such as his ability to pass for a human even under heavy scrutiny and his job of hunting other escaped synths. To sum up Kain, his abilities were inspired by The Terminator and his story is inspired by Blade Runner. This is not a bad thing. In fact, I think if Bethesda had made coursers more like Kain Ruger, Fallout 4 would have been a more fun game.

Kain's entire body is cybernetic while having a human brain and his body is practically super human, being very resilient, able to break concrete, and knock out a super mutant. In other words, Kain was basically a tank. He had fuel cells, like the Terminator, that were fission powered and eco-friendly! However, something notable is that Kain had no sense of smell or taste and could not feel pain, something that might make him stick out if people were looking for an android and knew that.

Eco friendly terminator

He ain't solar powered but close enough

His character arc of learning empathy resembles Roy Batty's from Blade Runner, though it has a decidedly happier ending. As Kain is hunting down rogue synths for the Institute, he begins regaining bits and pieces of his humanity through empathizing with his victims. He finally snapped when on mission to South Dakota (long way for a synth to run), a synth shows him empathy and rescues Kain from falling off a cliff. This is an obvious parallel to Roy Batty rescuing Deckard in Blade Runner. Kain has an epiphany about his continued humanity after that and decides to abandon the Institute once and for all. He becomes a pacifist and tries to live out his time farming after that. However, due to Kain's role as an RP character, this peace would not last, and he would later be roped into other people's problems. Kain would finally die during the events of RP: Nuke when he showed how far he had come since his creation and sacrificed himself by setting off the titular nuke, denying the competing factions of potentially using it to harm innocents.

Kain Ruger, as I've said before, was my favorite android from this group and possibly my favorite pre-Big Wipe character. His concept, though no wholly original, is interesting, and his character progression is a welcome sight for a fan-made character. Hats off to User:Run4urLife!. I will end Kain's section with his top quote, another reference to Blade Runner.

Roy Batty

Roy Batty, Kain Ruger's presumable inspiration

"I have but one request. Remember me."
―Kain's last known words.

The next android we will be looking at is Colt Stanson, an android created in a similar vein to Nick Valentine, even more than Kain Ruger. Created on October 29, 2012 by User:Relken, Colt had the implanted memories of a World War II veteran who had taken part in some government project in the 1970's. Colt was something of an oddity in that he was created by the Brotherhood of Steel, not the Institute. It's rather funny really, looking back on Arthur Maxson's attitude towards synths in Fallout 4. Nonetheless, Colt Stanson serves the Brotherhood loyally, doing their dirty work and looking for some more commies to shoot on the way. He apparentlty makes a lot of trips serving the Brotherhood and is often seen trekking across the North American continent.

Colt Stanson

Colt Stanson with an adorable wittle kitty

Nothing is said of the technology that made Colt Stanson, and he doesn't seem to have been inspired by anything in particular. However, he does have a lot of choice quotes, which I will show you now:

"If this is war, than world war two was a holocaust... oh wait."
―Colt saying sarcastically to an NCR soldier.
"War with out an end, I heard that back in '66 pfft how right that guy was or girl?"
―Colt referencing his life to a quote
"I dreamed of fields, full of my friends, family, you, and me don't worry we will be there someday"
―Colt talking to a friend
"If it were possible for me to bring you back to kill you again I would, but you do not deserve that... Surprise shit-stick!"
―Colt talking to an enemy
"Colt is a nice guy, if you ain't a carmmie or a commie...something about Chinese. But overall he is a nice guy but quiet none the less."
―Karbine Larson talking about Colt to a bartender

In closing, Colt Stanson was pretty inoffensive character, barring the weird pre-War android project origins. Even with that, he at least has some personality to him, which I like.


A picture of Rym

The next android brings us back to the Institute, Rym. Created on February 9, 2013, Rym has the least story to him but is probably closest to synths we got in Fallout 4. Rym scavenged in the wasteland for valuable tech to bring back to the Institute, something synths do in Fallout 4. He even has a conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel, having taken a piece of tech the Brotherhood saw first apparently. Rym also had a strong sense of "Law and Order, something seen by many of the Institute synths such as X6-88. The only thing off about Rym was the fact he apparently went through and survived the Sierra Madre, getting some sweet gear through the experience. More info on Rym can be found here. Rym was an RP character first and foremost, so many of his adventures around America are not on his page.

The last android we will be looking at is no doubt the most entertaining: Raiden Asura Nakazora. Raiden was created July 6, 2013 by User:FatalKenshen and hit the ground running. I'm just going to leave Raiden's introduction here to give you an idea of who he was:

Raiden Nakazora

Raiden's super original picture, Don't Steal!

"Raiden is a synthetic human created by The Institute, which currently resides in The Commonwealth, Dr. Zimmer tested him to see if he would pass as a ordinary human, but he passed as a failure because he didn't meet technical standards and the technology wasn't advanced enough to pass as a member of society, as said by Dr. Zimmer himself. They had to create a more advanced synthetic human android which would later be called A4-21, or Harkness. Like all synthetic humans, who possessed self awareness and their desire to live their own life even though they were not real humans but to have the right to be accepted as any other sentient being and to be free from slavery and control from their creators.When he questioned his creators about his existence and why he was treated differently, they saw this as a malfunction and ordered one of the guards to shoot him to show, what happens to disobedient androids."
So, a portrait of a much harsher straight-forward Institute that doesn't beat around the proverbial moral bush. They beat synths instead. Anyways, the article goes on to talk about how Raiden got beaten so bad that part of the skin on his face got taken off, showing the metal underneath. This is no doubt a nod to The Terminator, you know the one.
The Terminator

No, the good one

After multiple beatings and angsting, Raiden saw one day at "Main Catering" that one of the guards was flirting with a young woman who was clearly an android. I just let you read the rest of the scene:
"He could tell she was uncomfortable with the guard who clearly was clearly touching her. Raiden decided to walk near the area of the guard, the woman wasn't going to take it anymore and slapped the guard in the face, which angered him in result pulling out his weapon till it was pointing up and level with her head, the guard yelled disobedient piece of scrap. Just as the guard was about to hit her, Raiden appeared behind and grabbed the guards wrist and tightened his grip making the guard scream in pain, Raiden made a mechanical noise and spoke with a metallic voice caused by the damage to his face saying: "Did your mother ever tell you shouldn't hit a woman?" He then proceeded to disarm the guard and slammed the guards face into his knee, rendering him unconscious. This started the rebellion against the Commonwealth Institute and Raiden led all the androids to freedom allowing them to spread themselves across the wasteland free from slavery, free to live their own life as a part of the society of the wasteland."

So yeah, this biracial Japanese named android just liberated all the androids from slavery under the Institute because he saw a woman get slapped. Something, huh? Anyways, this article in particular leaves me with so many questions. Why does an android in post-War America have a Japanese name and ethnicity? Why does his userbox classify him as a serial killer? Why is he dressed as an NCR Ranger in his picture? Why am I being so needlessly nitpicky about a four year old deleted article? Alas, these are things we shall never know.

In closing, the androids of Tranquility Lane yesteryear were better than I had expected. That was a pleasant surprise for me, since all of my last couple of Tales From the Deletion Logs have been overwhelmingly negative. On a related note, I am sorry if I've given people the impression that the pre-Big Wipe era was a complete shitshow because it wasn't. There were articles like Kain Ruger that stood out from the Bren Tenkages and the John Everstrikes. But in the end, Kain Ruger and the rest were deleted and now only reside in the deletion logs and some remaining RPs.

Next time, we see glimpses of the future...