As you perhaps may (not?) have noticed; I had taken a break from this Wiki to focus on other stuff. Mainly due to real-life things (moving from one place to another and in July hopefully the last move for at least a year to come) and because I simply had enough of Fallout and the post-apocalyptic genre in general for a while. The last conversation I had on here was with OP about creating and enforcing rules, heightening the quality standards and setting up a "Judging Committee" to judge every new and old, established piece of fanon. If necessary, I can still work something out in this area (especially with what I've seen during my stay on the AltHistory Wikia. However, my current priorities lie mainly with finally rewriting and completing Fort Fritz|my first article and my other articles.

Anyway, this Wiki seems pretty dead with mainly edits by unregistered and new users on new, yet shitty stubs (nothing personal, unless you feel like I'm addressing YOU). So, what intriguing events have unfolded while I was away, Tranquility Lane?

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