Beginning with this article, I'm going to take a look at post-apocalyptic fiction, a lot of which where the influences for the fallout universe.  With this post, I'll take suggestions. 

The articles next in this series will go over the books, films, and media that I've read or experienced.  Currently, this includes:

A Boy and His Dog

Planet of the Apes

Mad Max

Lucifer's Hammer (I highly recommend this book)

Logan's Run

Six String Samurai

The Stand (novel and miniseries - haven't looked at the comic book)

The Book of Eli (soon to be movie, novel - I actually read a draft of the script)

I am Legend (recent film)

The Omega Man (original film as above)

Jericho (TV Series)

Jerimiah (TV Series)

Life After People (book and documentary)

The Matrix (a different kind of post-apocalyptic movie)


THX 1138

Twilight Zone: The Old Man in the Cave

Twilight Zone: Two

Battlefield Earth (unfortunately)

Also included will be a series of other possible influences that don't precisely fit into the post-apocalyptic genre, but definitely had an influence on the Fallout Universe.

The Mist (Frank Darabont)

Dawn of the Dead (zombie movie, but at one stage it's post-apocalyptic)

Fat Man and Little Boy (excellent film)

Stuff I haven't read or experienced:

Jeremiah (Comic Book series)

Things to Come (novel or film)


Survivors (1975 TV series)

The Postman

The Road

Tremors (not post apocalyptic, but set in the desert monster movie)


Wasteland (video game)

It Came From The Desert (Video Game)

Anyway, I'm taking any suggestions below.

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