The Tyranny of OP

I'm happy to see that this place is returning to a 2009/2010 level of activity, even if it's at the hands of a smaller user base. Some of you have no doubt wondered why I'm a bit uptight about the content of the fanon, and the answer is simple: I'm enforcing the mandate that I was given when I was appointed administrator. A while back, I felt that the userbase had changed and that is was appropriate to offer them a chance to change the tone or style of the fanon, to determine what is and isn't acceptable. They opted to let things continue as is. Now that I personally feel that the userbase has changed once again, I'd like to give the new batch of users a chance to give their input: what, if anything, should be changed around here?

In addition, I'd like to eventually step back a bit from my responsibilities here and would like to install an admin who is more involved: not just with proofreading or other minor issues, but with monitoring content and user behavior. If you are proficient with wiki formatting, so much the better. When I was appointed, there were users who were familiar with it in a way that I am not and have not become.

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