Need to get my shit organized, especially if RP's are going to be happening. Don't want to clutter up the Timeline though. Serves me right for being so vague when I wrote everything.

  • 2077: The Great War occurs. The Eldest survives and is transformed into a ghoul, then he leaves his home outside San Angelo.
  • 2080: The gangs of the Corpse Coast are united under one banner.
  • 2095: The united gang of the Corpse Coast splits in twain with the death of its leader.
  • 2100: Having explored much of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Chihuahua, and Coahuila; The Eldest begins losing mobility. He makes it to a nameless community in west Texas before his legs and back fail him completely.
  • 2200: The Yucca Council forms Midessa Compact out of the disparate communities in the ruins of Odessa and Midland.
  • 2221: Caleb Worthy is born.
  • 2229: Erica Pang Qiao is born.
  • 2231: The Arceneaux Twins are born.
  • 2242: Ephrem Salt is born.
  • 2243: The Arceneaux Twins become Scribes at the unheard of age of 12.
  • 2245: The Arceneaux Twins devise a method of improving Ultra simpaks.
  • 2247: Edward Sallow becomes Caesar.
  • 2248: Caesar begins his conquest of the tribes of the Four States region.
  • 2252: Andrew van Krammer is born.
  • 2253: Swampers siege of Vieux Carré.
  • 2254: Lyon's expedition to the Capital Wasteland sets off. The Arceneaux Twins run off towards San Francisco.
  • 2255: Caesar turns Flagstaff into the Legion's capital.
    • After spending over a century being ferried between the communities of west Texas by various caretakers, The Eldest convinces someone to take him east, out of Texas.
    • The Arceneaux Twins are run out of Legion territory and eventually arrive in Big Spring.
  • 2260: The Eldest arrives in The Big Easy.
  • 2270: Andrew van Krammer is employed by the Mississippi Traders Union
  • 2271: Ranger Unification Treaty is signed between the NCR and the Desert Rangers.
  • 2274: Treaty of New Vegas is signed between the NCR and House.

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