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  • Fanon characters are not the protagonist of any Fallout game.
    • They didn't perform any of the quests of any Fallout game.
    • They didn't kill, destroy, or fundamentally change any character, group, or location appearing in any Fallout game.
  • Human and Post-War Ghoul characters can be made freely.
    • Androids, Pre-War Ghouls, Super Mutants, and anything else requires administrator approval.


  • Articles for pieces of equipment (armor, chems, weapons, etc.) are prohibited. Instead, create a manufacturer article and put the item there. Examples of manufacturers include:
    • Characters: good for one-of-a-kind items with unique histories.
    • Groups: good for non-unique items.
      • Pre-War Companies: ideal for mass-produced or high-tech items.
    • Places: good for items tied to a particular area.
  • The creation of overly modern items that do not fit the fallout theme or the timeline is not allowed. If you are not sure about a weapon you want to use contact a moderator.


  • Branches, detachments, and splinter groups of Canon factions (Brotherhood of Steel, NCR, Enclave, etc.) require administrator approval.
  • Large, militarized groups are prohibited.

Flora and Fauna

  • Alien lifeforms are prohibited.
  • Lifeforms approaching or exceeding human intelligence require administrator approval.


  • Do not create a category for your username.
  • Do not create a category for an individual character, piece of equipment, settlement, etc.
  • Stories are to be written in the Fan Fiction namespace.
  • Games mechanics infoboxes shall not be arbitrarily assigned numbers. The use of a character generator such as the one at or some other equivalent tool shall be used for accuracy.


  • Do not make a country, state, city (and their foreign equivalents) article in which you decide the overall events, state and groups in them. You can make a country/state/city article to compile different people's fanon into that area (as a synopsis).
    • Fallout, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas' depiction of Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas respectively are examples of how a metropolis should be handled.
  • No post-apocalyptic fanon nation may take up the majority of the landmass of the Pre-War political boundaries it rests inside.
    • For example: a nation could not take up the entire American state of Georgia, the Italian province of Tuscany, or the Chinese province of Henan.
  • Vault-Tec Vault articles require administrator approval.


  • Articles should not directly reference game mechanics outside of appropriate infoboxes.
  • Stories deviating from the wider fanon shall have a disclaimer.

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