New Hampshire was hit with an unseasonable noreaster. I'm snowed in on a Saturday night in OCTOBER. I just played two hours of Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and I had enough.

Just to while the way the time until I'm tired enough to hit the sack, I've been fooling around. Fed "Tranquility Lane," into the Sloganizer...

1.Tranquility Lane is forever. 2.See the world with Tranquility Lane. 3.Tranquility Lane, the smart choice.

Kind of boring. Let's try "colon cancer." 1.Colon cancer strikes back. 2.No need to worry with colon cancer. 3.Colon cancer, stay in touch.

That's better. Let's try "steaming turd." 1.Be part of steaming turd. 2.Made by steaming turd. 3.Steaming turd - a safe place in an unsafe world!

Not as lulzy as I thought it would be. "Dead buffalo sphincter." 1.Dead buffalo sphincter is rolling, the others are stoned. 2.Dead buffalo sphincter never lies. 3.Enjoy dead buffalo sphincter.

Looks like a winner. Trying a few more. 4.You can't beat dead buffalo sphincter. 5.Funky dead buffalo sphincter. 6.Dead buffalo sphincter, the freshmaker.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Thanks for playing!

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