The Old Man's Back Again

The Arceneaux Twins are collectors and scientists, and The Eldest happens to be relevant to their interests. The twins are prepared to pay to have the old ghoul brought to them, safe and sound. Five thousand in Armory Scrip and barter or Ten thousand in surgery and medical attention. The ghoul doesn't seem to want to be found, and someone is more than happy to help him stay lost. The twins hired guns will have to venture beyond the relative safety of west Texas, through the tribal warzone of Sweetsteppes and the horror of Four Seasons and beyond to find their quarry.

The Old Man's Back Again is an upcoming roleplay on the wiki, the first proposed since the reboot. It will be set in 2281, prior to the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and will begin after I've made The Corpse and done some more with the following:

Post your intention to join and proposed character in the comments.

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