I'm going on a trip on April 1st, I should be returning on the 5th but as it's a road trip my itinerary is a little flexible. When I get back, I'll be going through the unused files, stubs, candidates for deletion, and anything that needs to be cleaned up or that has content issues. I'll be deleting everything that I think isn't likely to be used, fixed, cleaned up, etc. This includes articles that have been stretching the rules or what I perceive to be the spirit/flavor of the setting to my dissatisfaction.

I encourage anyone who cares about any of their content that may be subject to any of these categories (or who has been eyeing and unused picture) to take steps to address those issues between now and April 6th. I'm aware that this is probably going to be considered heavy handed and/or dictatorial; feel free to share your concerns in the comments here.

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