Several of our users crave to have a character or faction soar on the rotary blades of a fearsome vertibird, a dream I regularly crush in the same of maintaining a degree of technology scarcity. The winner of this contest, as voted by the community, will be allowed to incorporate a vertibird into the story of one of their characters or factions, previously existing or new.

Here's the challenge: poor Australia is looking mostly empty. It could use a little something. You have until 07/13/14 to create a character, faction, or town based in Australia (but not Victoria). The technology level shouldn't be above typical raider/non-NCR town level. Dramatic mutations are out (six toes is fine, a new breed of supermutant is not). After the 13th of July, I will create a poll for all the entries, to the winner go the spoils. You can make more than one entry, but remember we're a small community, you don't want to dilute the votes too much now do you?

The votes when I removed the poll:

  • Bella 7 votes.
  • Dome City 4 votes.
  • Brass Dingos 1 vote.
  • Macgoya 1 vote.
  • Monte Cristo 0 votes.

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