I am interested in starting an RP involving the Republic of the Permian Basin, Fort Fritz, and the Sand Hills Tribe at some point. I'll be mulling over ideas for awhile and I don't think I would want to start it until Fireman's RP is done, but if anyone has any suggestions for an overarching plot I'd like to read what you have to say. Also, as I've never run an RP in this fashion, I might want someone to assist me with this.

Edit:I kind of like the notion of the Twins wanting to put the genie back in the bottle and freeing themselves of the Sand Hills Tribe. Sure, they're the tribe's god figures, but they can't just up and leave without being followed by an army of fearless cannibals who're impervious to pain, jonesing for the next hit of some god awful drug that only the twins can provide.

They can't leave themselves, but the tribe is expecting them to let Adonis out anyways so you have this one-year old test tube abomination who's never dealt with outsiders trying to convince the rest of the region that the two gods are trying to defect. That brings in Run4's spies who need to confirm Adonis' information and find out if the twins are worth the effort to rescue. There's your moral gray area: the twins are undoubtedly geniuses with a vast array of useful knowledge that could benefit countless people or at least help one group get a leg up over another. So what if one group decides they want the twins as their pet scientists? There's a lot of people who want their blood for the crimes committed by the tribe...

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