One bigass conversation I had with Run4 a little while ago.

[17:29] <RadiationKing> brb, piss break
[17:34] <Run4> charming
[17:34] <RadiationKing> Back.
[17:34] <RadiationKing> I don't have to be charming, the ladies love me just the same. [17:34] * RadiationKing slicks his hair back and does a John Travolta impersonation
[17:35] <Run4>
[17:35] <Run4> you realize John Travolta is now fat and old, right?
[17:35] <Run4> and a Scientologist
[17:35] <RadiationKing> The original John Travolta.
[17:35] <RadiationKing> You know, the one from Grease.
[17:35] <RadiationKing> With the hair.
[17:35] <Run4> the one I'd enjoy punching in the face?
[17:35] <RadiationKing> Probably, yes.
[17:35] <Run4> hah
[17:36] * RadiationKing replaces John Travolta from Grease with Zac Efron from High School Musical, then brings Jacob into the room and leaves, locking the door behind him
[17:37] <Run4> Zac Efron? You think I want to punch him less?
[17:37] <RadiationKing> I think you want to punch him more.
[17:37] <RadiationKing> Which is why I put him in the room.
[17:37] <Run4> I wouldn't mind piledriving him from orbit
[17:38] <RadiationKing> Please do, I'll even give you a push for more speed.
[17:38] <Run4> in spite of the risk of vacuum exposure, of course
[17:38] <RadiationKing> Totally worth it
[17:39] <Run4> the blood in my lungs vapourizing and drowning me may be worth it to slam Zac Efron into the middle of Colorado from high orbit
[17:39] <RadiationKing> I thought you were Irish though. How would you slam him into Colorado from a space station over Ireland?
[17:39] <Run4> not from a Space Station
[17:39] <Run4> I'd just jump into orbit, like the Hulk

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