Well to start off, hey anyone reading this and thanks. Well I first wanna see how many people would like to do this. If anyone wants to join just go to the talk option, Ideas and setting would be good. I say a saloon, but someone has better idea I assume. When we can start? Depends if enough people are interested, which is a better reason to get some people on this page. From what I see the site has not done any roleplaying since 2009. That was around 4 years ago. By now more people are in this wiki. There also has been DLC's and another Fallout since than. Hell, they even got a licence for a SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not kidding they did, they legally have to get one and well someone found out who loves it plus three dog gave little hints on his twitter!!! Well anyways since 2009 we surely got more members from that point in time, including me. Roleplaying is not only fun but helps you build characters. What I mean is when you (and your character) go to a place not made by you or attcked by a faction not created by you. It makes you have to think "what would my charcter do in this situation" a lot more than when you already got an idea what she/he will do in a situation you created.

Get creative and do what the character would do in these strange situations, and as always have fun, and Sign Up.Lets try get this started as soon as we can and keep those caps in your pockets and that .44 in your pocket

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