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    Talk Page Backup

    March 25, 2011 by Run4urLife!

    Please can you help me,because on my computer pictures simply dont post. I dont know why most probably a virus, but still can you help me?OmagaSpruz 10:56, June 20, 2010 (UTC

    ThanksOmagaSpruz 17:14, June 21, 2010 (UTC)

    I'd like to eventually create an RP around the Northeast using some of the stuff I've been creating, possibly going down into New Jersey from New York. I know that there was a previous adventure there. Where would I find it (so it can be unified). Also - what would be the procedure to begin an RP page? --Osbo 16:00, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

    First I'll need a run-through of what's going to be done in the RP, as a general idea of the plot and story arc (when we gave certain people free reign, things rapidly went from storytelling to…

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    January 8, 2011 by Run4urLife!

    Maybe? Hopefully I'll get back into activity here. Can't say I'm back 100%. This year's gonna be busy with college and whatnot.

    But here's to a healthy return.

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    Jacob Vaughton Facts

    April 19, 2010 by Run4urLife!

    Moved from my userpage because I got sick of the lag it created.

    Every time someone contradicts Canon, Jacob Vaughton grows in power.

    Jacob Vaughton can sneeze with his eyes open.

    One time, a Giant Radscorpion stung Jacob Vaughton's eyeball. After ten days of excruciating pain, the Giant Radscorpion died.

    Jacob Vaughton's sweat is the single largest source of Jet, Psycho and Buffout in the known world.

    Frank Horrigan wears Jacob Vaughton pyjamas.

    Jacob Vaughton is right behind you.

    Before going to sleep every night, the Boogeyman checks under his bed for Jacob Vaughton.

    There was no Great War. Jacob Vaughton simply ate one too many tacos on October 23rd 2077.

    Jacob Vaughton does not style his hair. It simply lays down in the blastback style because…

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    January 3, 2010 by Run4urLife!

    For the love of God people, when you upload images, categorise them! Images in the Add category widget thingy. It's not rocket science.

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