• Rush06

    Hey guys, sorry for any inactivity on this site, I'm starting to get back into it again, but me being gone off to Europe didn't really help. Anyways expect some new content & such from me, also I'll try to get Alec Burton going on Roleplaying:Rock Steady. So I'm back.

    --Rush06 05:51, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Rush06

    Hey guys,I thought a lot of people would like this book so here's the introduction and Wiki page on it: War Day

    However and wherever we are, we must live as if one never dies. -Nazim Hikmet "On Living"

    The survivor's tale is the essential document of out time. All of us have them; even babies have them. To be born now is no guarantee that you will not be touched by Warday. Indeed, birth makes it certain.

    So we are all survivors, and those of us who actually lived through that day carry our histories with us, our stories of how we did it, of what particular luck or strength or cleverness saw us through

    We are not the people we were on that sharp October day in 1988. I see change in my wife and son, certainly in my collaborator, Jim Kunetka. And …

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