• ScienceGuy44

    Figured I'd make a blog post about what I've seen on the wiki as, whether this is just me and me alone or others, a severe lack of articles about, drum roll please...


    The Atomic Age; We Need Pre-War Technology!

    See, just hear me out here; pre-war technology pages are touchy subjects, definitely. Admins are, rightfully, careful in allowing robot and other technology-related pages on the wiki. No one, quite rightly, wants to see shit like an army of sentient, 30-foot tall robots built by a single chap in his garden shed in an morning mere minutes before the Great War that suddenly conquers half of the US in the space of three paragraphs and the world in two. However, there are plenty of content creat…

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  • ScienceGuy44

    Roleplay Forums?

    November 19, 2016 by ScienceGuy44

    ...Aaand I'm back.

    Been Rather a long while since I've posted on the fanon wiki properly; that's mostly because of real-life issues and a general lack of things to actually write about thanks to a glorious lack of ideas. I've covered all the bases I wanted to cover with my articles, and now I've not really got anything else to cover than the odd spelling mistake and odd snippet slapped into otherwise already-finished articles. So, I've decided to come into the saloon, waddle over to the bar and slam my pocket lint and safety pins on the counter and ask; are there any roleplay forums up?

    One of the last Articles I properly finished was Larry Johnson; the long-time character-of-choice for my roleplay on the forums, limited as it was, in the ho…

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  • ScienceGuy44

    Feeling down about life in the Washington wastes? Lost the feeling in your toes from walking in the Mojave Desert? One too many an erotic escapade in New Reno cost you the feeling in your lower body? Never fear; Vault 42 is here! Replete with a luxurious diner, spacious living quarters, handy storage spaces, well-trained security officers and secure, seal 'n' safe doors; this Vault is the place to be!

    (Vault 42 and Vault-Tec Industries does not take any responsibility for injury, illness or death that may occur in the Vault; all residents required to sign waivers.)


    • Vault 42 stands in it's early days, active as a small, 20 man settlement.
    • In comes this stranger; Kaiden Knight. The overseer despises him owing to Kaide…

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  • ScienceGuy44

    As I am quite bored, having mucked around on 60 Seconds, Fallout 4, Fallout Tactics and even the dreaded Brotherhood of Steel on PS2, I've now made myself determined to write something, anything new.

    So, I decided I'd talk about my favourite Fallout subject; the pre-war world's cars. Largely based off concept cars from the 1950s, drawn up and sometimes even produced in an age where the future was this bright and shiny thing that most of the world looked on in wonder and hope at, the majority of most pre-war cars seen in the Fallout World, especially Bethesda and Obsidian's renditions, are of fantastic and rather oddly scenic design. From the streamlined Atomic V8 Corvega to the oddly shaped, bubble-domed Cherry Bomb car, otherwise know to most as th…

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  • ScienceGuy44

    So, another post about Pre-war America - no, I'm not ranting about the lack of Pre-war mentioning articles. Essentially, this time, I'm talking about;


    But first, a word from our sponsor;


    You know the types; Point Lookout, Primm, etc. I'm a big fan of the idea of insular, or quasi-insular, communities that were built solely for tourists. These types of places really echo the whole Pre-war luxury of the US and make the point of the rise and fall of America. Primm less so, however, mostly thanks to the real lack of any tourists in the town, the lack of any backstory for the place and the real lack of any defining characters; you could make the case for Primm Slimm, but I digress. Point Lookout, ho…

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