Now, this is completely unrelated to fanon in every way possible, but I'd like to know everyone's opinion about the idea of having another top-down, or thereabouts, Fallout game, like the games from the days of Interplay, when Interplay was on a roll.

I've been going on a lot of over-head/side-on RPGs/RTSs, and one thing I've noticed is how they have a certain, classical taste to them. Take for example, Omerta: City of Gangsters. It's like a less-developed Fallout: Tactics-esque kind of game, major differences being the lack of weapons/movement/inclusions of other systems, but the combat itself was a turn-based system that reminded me, albeit slightly, of the old top-down Fallout titles, and reminded me of Black-Isle's canned title, Van Buren.

Personally, I'd be thrilled to see a top-down Fallout again, especially with the graphics capabilities of today, with a sort of shooter system like Fallout: Tactics or the 'Army Men' series rather than the traditional system that Fallout 1-2 used. I'm a fan of the FPS RPGs as well, and often times play them more than the classic Fallout titles simply for ease of play, but the classic Fallout titles have a special place in my heart and I love playing these old titles even today, even if at times trying to re-adapt to their aged controls can be a bit frustrating. I'd like to know everyone else's opinion about top-down Fallout titles, and whether or not anyone would want to see these games again, if they were just one-offs by Bethesda.

ScienceGuy44 (talk) 09:14, November 17, 2014 (UTC)

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