As I am quite bored, having mucked around on 60 Seconds, Fallout 4, Fallout Tactics and even the dreaded Brotherhood of Steel on PS2, I've now made myself determined to write something, anything new.

So, I decided I'd talk about my favourite Fallout subject; the pre-war world's cars. Largely based off concept cars from the 1950s, drawn up and sometimes even produced in an age where the future was this bright and shiny thing that most of the world looked on in wonder and hope at, the majority of most pre-war cars seen in the Fallout World, especially Bethesda and Obsidian's renditions, are of fantastic and rather oddly scenic design. From the streamlined Atomic V8 Corvega to the oddly shaped, bubble-domed Cherry Bomb car, otherwise know to most as the Rocket 69 car.

Personally, my favourite happens to be the recent Fallout 4 Coupe.

Orange Coupe

Just look at this beauty, ignoring the rust and chipped paint. With a wonderfully exotic slanted hood and sloping back, this nice little example of the imaginative car design in play on pre-war car designs looks very much the part of a retro-futuristic car whilst also looking like a car that would actually be fairly practical when being in use. Of course, this also being a sports car, and being orange, this will naturally always appeal to my inner child, reminding me very much of many a Hot Wheels car, minus the typical flames and tacky golden wheel rims. Aaah, lovely.

If anyone else has their own pre-war car that's both caught their eye and/or struck them as an interesting vehicle, please do post it in the comments. Always nice to hear that I'm not the only one interested in the pre-war world of Fallout.

(I'm totally not running out of ideas, believe me.)

(Believe me god-dammit.)