• Shishkabob9000

    The New Union

    June 30, 2011 by Shishkabob9000

    Greetings civies! I am a marine in the New Union. "Whats the New Union?" you ask. Well, this informative blog should answer many of your questions.

    History: The New Union was once a part of the Enclave, but after we heard of the Presidents plan to kill everybody on the mainland, about one third left which was in about 2241. Since then we became the New Union.

    Population: We have about 58,000 civilians, and a military of about 10,000 soldiers.

    Technology: We have continued to advance technology which is not common in the Wastes.

    Military: We have reestablished all five branches of our military and actively engage hostile forces within the continental United States territories.

    -Army: The Army mainly uses mark 3 holorifles and combat knives made …

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