Hello everyone, less than a week and a half ago, Winter Storm Nemo hit the northeast region of the United States. Nemo in many areas was ranked in the Top Ten List of Worst Winterstorm on record for some cities though the Storm of 78' still tops those lists, luckily it wasn't that bad. In the storm I lost power along with my fellow neighbors in my apartment and neighborhood for at least a good four days, I lost heat along with it. Temperatures dropped into the 30s in my apartment and on one of those nights, my laptop, sitting on top of my night stand was accidentally knocked off and hit the ground snapping the laptop into two and cracking the screen. Now when it's turned on, a blue and black screen usually appears so now thats garbage.

I am writing this post from a local library, and in the mean time, I will be using this location when ever I can to do my business here on Tranquility Lane. As I make the dough to buy myself a new computer, hopefully enough to buy myself a desktop instead of that crappy old laptop, I ask that no one edit my articles until then, if you wish to edit one, please send me a message and I will get to you as soon as possible which could be days.

The Tranquility Lane is a special community here at wikia, and I am glad to have gotten to know some of you here, you are all great people with creative minds and I say keep the creativity going strong.



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