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  • I am Returned. Maybe.
  • T42

    So, as the title says, I'm back and trying out a new project. However, to make sure it dosen't end up the half-baked potato Idaho was, I'm asking for help. I intend to try and flesh out the lovely tropical island nation of Cuba and its people following the Great War. One of the more controversial peices of content there, aside from Molemen, Communists, and good 'ole US Navy and Marine Remnants, is a group of the Enclave still operating out of Guantanmo Bay.

    As the Rules clearly state, I need at least two collaberators, so anyone interested feel free to approach me on Discord or on my Talk page.

    I want to outline some of my basic concepts for the group here so there can be as little friction as possible once proper collaberation starts. First…

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  • T42

    Unique Character Perks

    April 21, 2014 by T42

    So, I had this idea and OP said I should poll it to the masses to see if we should actually set up some kind of guidelines for it.

    The concept is essentially allowing writers to create their own unique character specific perks for characters they write. Now we can all see where this can go awry, with people giving characters perks that allow immunity to the elements or certain types of damage etc.. But there's also potential to add some different flavors to characters. Two existing examples are on the characters Hoodlum and Eric Haganey, who have the perks Shotgun Diplomacy and Old World Values respectively. I think that, with the proper guidelines, this could be a fun addition to the character creation process. 

    Now I think a few ground rul…

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  • T42

    Questions on Canon

    March 26, 2014 by T42

    Okay I've got a few questions, first of all is that, if aliens are considered NCF then what do we do in refereance to the motherhips zeta DLC? Second, do ghouls need to eat, sleep, or drink? I get that their ageless and immune to disease and radiation but the three things above are never really touched upon as a need. Finally, could it be possible that there arose another group with gear simmilar to the Brotherhood? All I'm saying is that the Brotherhood started out as just army rangers or something like that and therefore couldent any group with millitary connections have the same kind of gear? Thanks in advance for any and all awnsers.

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  • T42

    Awsome Fan Video

    March 18, 2014 by T42

    Not shure if anyone has seen this yet or not but its pretty sweet.

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