• Teh Krush

    I b bored

    July 29, 2009 by Teh Krush

    I r bored right now. Suggestions? Oh and I'm packing my boxes in my apartment now yay maybe idk.

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  • Teh Krush

    CoD:MW2 Killstreaks

    July 28, 2009 by Teh Krush

    Customizable killstreaks. [1]. In this vid the player is shown selecting what to use when he hits 11 kills in a killstreak. Hehe. Also, that radar-like thing on the gun IS the Heartbeat Sensor I mentioned a while ago. So yes, it is in multiplayer.

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  • Teh Krush

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am so fucking pissed off. Everybody, search "Halo: Legends" on Google. Sure, I'd love more Halo stuff, but this is a fucking tv show. And, it is aimed at people 14 and under. Guess why I hate it the most though.


    And now, the Halo series is ruined. It has been milked to the max, so much so that Bren has impacted it. Halo.. has failed.

    Oh and, in the trailer, it shows giant gundam-like spartans alongside master chief. W.T.F.

    If you have a 360, get on it and go to "Inside Xbox", and click the box that says "Comic-Con 2009: Halo Legends".

    And the title of this is not unrelated to the story, the earth WILL become desolate because of this. Fuck.

    Update: I have just …

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  • Teh Krush

    I am evil for some reason. Idk why, I just am. In other news, I dislocated my left leg, AGAIN (as in I mentioned it before 2 months ago to KuHB1aM). Now I have to use teh crutch, AGAIN. I know you people enjoy my pain, among other things. I dislocated my left leg by waking up and falling off the bed, unlike last time which just included getting onto my computer chair and somehow it just pops out. Life is unfair. Anyway, my car is fully functional again.. yay I guess.

    Nobody cares about my life, so I'll go onto more interesting detailzorz.

    Treyarch has released the names and details of the 10 new achievements coming with Map Pack 3, and have released one new screenshot for each map (excluding Der Riese), yay. I'm a little on edge because ther…

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  • Teh Krush


    An armored island surrounded by anti-ship mines and shore to ship cannons, "Battery" places soldiers on a mid-sized map based on Fort Drum (El Fraile Island) in the Philippines. Expect plenty of areas to hide and heavy close quarters combat!


    Overwhelm the enemy in "Breach," set in Berlin's overcast and crowded city streets surrounding the historic Brandenburg Gate. Only the fittest will survive in this fast-paced, dense battlefield!


    "Revolution" pits soldiers against each other in Russia's …

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