I am evil for some reason. Idk why, I just am. In other news, I dislocated my left leg, AGAIN (as in I mentioned it before 2 months ago to KuHB1aM). Now I have to use teh crutch, AGAIN. I know you people enjoy my pain, among other things. I dislocated my left leg by waking up and falling off the bed, unlike last time which just included getting onto my computer chair and somehow it just pops out. Life is unfair. Anyway, my car is fully functional again.. yay I guess.

Nobody cares about my life, so I'll go onto more interesting detailzorz.

Treyarch has released the names and details of the 10 new achievements coming with Map Pack 3, and have released one new screenshot for each map (excluding Der Riese), yay. I'm a little on edge because there is no achievement for having all the attachments on one gun, which may point towards not being able to do that (damn you speculation), but I'll just wait until it happens. Fortunately, there are two achievements regarding the attachment machines anyway. Also, a new type of grenade is being introduced, it is called the "Monkey Bomb", I have no idea what it does, but it has two achievements that concern it, one that states; "Use the Monkey Bomb". Must be very rare/powerful.

And for everybody that doesn't care about CoD:WaW, then be enlightened, as I have another thing to cover (with more regards to my personal life, hehe).

My cat is orange. And I'm probably going to visit a friend in New York soon, and maybe go to some party or something idk. Oh and C4 lives in New York, hopefully he doesn't shoot me or something. Anyway, if I am going, I'm going to Brooklyn to meet up with two friends and a past girlfriend, and then go to a party somewhere over there. If I'm not going then, obviously, I'll still be here.

Umm, any other stuff I can think of to put here.. Hmm... Maybe I should just fill this blank space with me talking to myself about filling this blank space, it seems to be working. Final note in this blog article, I am going to a shooting range to.. well.. like, you know.. shoot stuff.

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