I hate EA. They require that you link your XBL / PSN ID to an EA account to play any of their games online. And, as an added bonus, if you have ever changed your gamertag it will NEVER detect the new gamertag, meaning you can never play your EA games online. And, for it to detect the new gamertag, you have to play an EA game online. You see the problem with that? To play an EA game online, you need to link your account, if you changed your gamertag, you have to play an EA game online to link your account. Fuckin' bullshit. Another thing I hate about them is their crappy ass servers. They go down ever two hours, they can only hold 10000 people at a time, they lag like shit, and there are only like, 2 servers for each of their games. I have played Battlefield: Bad Company online before, BEFORE I changed my gamertag, and now I can't play it at all. And I want to buy Battlefield 1943, but their crappy system would keep me from accessing any of their servers (Iv'e tested with the trial game, it's a no go.). Fuck EA, I'll stick to games that can actually run servers and shit.

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