I am Teh Krush, I feel like writing a blog page for some strange reason. (Noooo I don't wanna become a bloggar!!)

I finished moving Roleplays to the Roleplaying: namespace.. umm.. yay?

If you want to know about my life then your most likely some kind of stalker. I don't like stalkers. /me slaps you for stalking me

Oh and for people interested in the Ronto RP, now that I am back it is open again, yaymoar! Anyways, I am unbanned, yaymoarer. Sooner or later I'm going to run out of ways to use the word "yay" sooo... yeah.

If you want to know about my life (I doubt it), I have this orange tabby cat laying on me right now. I live in Canada (OMG LIEK, YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT ALREADY!) and I have an xbox (gamertag is Teh Krush). I like the games Halo 3, COD4, Fallout 3 and COD:WaW, although I have 60 other games (yeah I play them, just not as much). I can't get PC games unfortunately, because of ugly graphics card in my pc. Ohh on the topic of graphics, I got back into selling my shirt designs to some clan (they pay me moniez). Ummm... Ok that is all for now.

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