There's rumors going around on some clan forums I go on about a "new zombies map" that will be free (like Makin Day), but not be released as part of a map pack. Has anybody heard of this, cause I think it is bull. Companies nowadays just want teh monies, and they wouldn't release A WHOLE NEW MAP free if they have already released various packs (well, DICE is an exception), they would, however, release slightly edited versions of existing maps.

Now, on to speculation. I love speculation, it builds the hype. Hype is a tool used by developers to get moar monies. But I don't really care cause I'd buy it anyway.

  • Rumors of two new perks-a-cola machines to be included, time to speculate on that, post your ideas for perk machines! My ideas below:
    • Steady Hands Cola - Adds the Steady Aim perk. This makes killing zombies from the hip much easier.
    • Red Bull - Adds the Extreme Conditioning perk. You now walk slightly faster while not sprinting, and can sprint for longer.
    • Will to Live Morphine Drink - Longer down time while in Last Stand. You can stay alive longer while teammates rush to revive you. (This one is basically drinkable morphine! Yum!)
    • Explosive Fizz - Adds the Fireworks perk. Your grenades/rocket launchers/rifle grenades do more damage to zombies, and instead of making them crawlers, it kills them.

Having any of the above perks in a new zombies map would be fun. Even if they only add one more perk machine, add one of those (Preferably Red Bull or Will to Live)! Lol. :)

Another thing I'd like is if they include all the perks you could possibly use in Zombies, but only 4 machines, meaning plenty of replay value on that single map because the 4 machines are chosen from at least 20.

More traps maybe.. like an area where there is water everywhere, and an electric cable in it, and the water covers a whole passage and you can turn on a switch to fry all those zombies. Maybe a baseball shooter that costs only 250 points (cause it is so weak). More zombie types maybe, like some that can use minor melee weapons in the higher levels, and zombie dogs included regularly in each round, but not as much. A new weapon.. hmm.. maybe an easter egg modern weapon, like the M16 or MP5. Location.. Hmm, I'd like somewhere like Seelow or something for this one, with multiple bases like in Shi No Numa.

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