Nah, came close though. Bungie held a playlist where if you found and beat bungie in it, you get the fabled MR-.. *cough* Recon armor. I ended up in a game with the flaming heads (bungie), but unfortunately lagged out half-way through the game. No reconz for me :(. I don't really care though, I can wait till ODST comes out :D. But by then, all the -10 year olds will have it and then I won't want it. Grr. Anyway, if you a halo fan, you may want to take a look at this, Heretic, Longshore, and Citadel. Heretic is my second favorite map from Halo 2, aka Midship, but the other two look promising.

Anywayz, double-xp weekend for CoD:WaW ran out early today, :(, meaning that I cannot prestige again just yet (I am rank 51ish now, prestiged on Saturday).

Life r boring. Grr. I'm waiting for KuHB1aM to make his ossim RP already, I want that shit.

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