I just prestiged in CoD:WaW.. Right after I got my favorite semi-auto rifle. Damn you Treyarch! But I got my 2nd extra custom slot yay, and since I bought a special edition of the game, I got the FG42 early. Anywayz, I had an idea for the most mary sue weapon ever. It would be some type of energy weapon that sends an overpowered shock to the heart. And seconds later the targets heart ends up exploding. Fun! If I ever see that weapon in the hands of somebody on this site, I'll kill you by using my Fat Man OMEGA. I have a feeling something like that will be in Mothership Zeta anyway, since there is a Disintegrator.. God those aliens would be hard to kill with all those high powered weapons! >.<

I tried spraying my cats tail with catnip, and my cat started running in circles chasing his own tail until he fell asleep. Fun >:).

Anybody heard of the "Sea-Pig"? Link for strange pig image. It's gonna eat you all! Get away from it! I'm bored and have nothing more to type about. Bye.

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