I was watching another preview of Halo 3: ODST (where the lady is an idiot and says the game is 3rd person, and the UNSC is the UMXC), and I scroll down to the comments to see twenty in a row by the same guy saying, and this is an exact quote, "fucking omg this game isnt a action stealth game fuck fuck fuck if you want real action stealth then go buy a real system like the ps3 and buy metal gear solid and to the fan boys tahat are about to flame me: FUCK YOU!!!" you already noticed the hypocritness in that, here was a reply, note that dude1 didn't reply again after this: "Fuck you kid, you're an idiot, you know that Metal Gear Solid: Rising is coming for the Xbox later this or next year, right? And you're calling US fanboys!? You made twenty fucking comments stating how you are a fanboy. Fucking idiot. And yeah, I don't think ODST is MEANT to be an action-stealth, but stealth CAN be used in it unlike the other Halo games. Dumbass."

I r hate it when some kid comes on to a review/preview video and starts shit about how the other system is better. Ghey.

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