This says it all. That weapon attachment looks awesome. I wonder how many challenges you'll have to complete to get that one? Heh. It's a portable UAV pretty much :D. Unfortunately, the game will not have co-op, or even a variant of Terrorist Zombies (somehow Treyarch doesn't allow them to use it.. copyright issues.), but, it will have a co-op mode called "Special Forces" which includes scoring like in zombies. No other info on that though. Presumably you can have up to 2 attachments on your weapon in MW2, unlike Cod4 where you can only have one (yay, scope+silencer ftw). The dude that you played as in Cod4 (the scottish one) is back in MW2, as your captain. Heh. Other attachments include that one red-dot scope in the single player missions, a flashlight and a laser. I'd prolly use the laser with a silencer on my automatic guns, and scope with silencer on my sniper (if they add silencers to the sniper option grrr). Game sounds cool, can't wait for it.

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