Yes, power armor. Real power armor. Well, as real as it really gets. Read here for T-45d Power Armor in real life. Just make it bullet proof, paint it camo, and send the troops to Iraq in it or something. More pictures here.

I'm bored. I feel like setting up a CoD:WaW singles ladder in Gamebattles but idk since I'm already on a team for that. Dunno. I'm waiting for KuHB1aM (I got the name right!) to make that reverse-alternate-timeline RP, so one of my characters can be an opposite of his real-fanon self. Eh.

ANYWAYS, I'm bored again. I'm about to go play more CoD:WaW, Iv'e been training my trigger finger and now people think I mod my controller to do auto-fire on semi-auto weapons (lol). I feel like buying a modded controller but I'm not sure. W/E. That's all for now, see ya tomorrow stalkers.

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