Moose River Valley

Moose River Valley Area

Hey guys. Brick (Sam) here. Now that the Ave, True to Caesar contest is coming to a close. I've decided to put forth an idea for an unofficial contest. There won't be any reward besides the admiration of your peers unless an admin decides to make this official. Now let me propose the idea.

Maine is a scarcely touched area besides the Far Harbor DLC and my Articles in the Far North. Leaving a massive area of untouched land for articles. Thus I have chosen the Moose River Valley as the location of said contests. The land of Northern Maine (where the River Moose Valley is located) are free of radiation as they were not hit during the war and the airstream didn't carry nuclear fallout their way. However, the Great War took its toll in Northern Maine nevertheless. Making the winters long and harsh. The winters in Northern Maine last for 6 months. Meanwhile, the other seasons last for two months each. This harsh climate makes growing crops difficult. So greenhouses are common in the area. Along with this most of the wildlife is unmutated. Even horses which had long died off in the rest of North America still exist.

Thus you can create any faction, character, or location you want in this area. As long as they are in reason. But, remember factions will be small groups of survivors, raiders, or other types due to the harsh climate. Settlements are based around old roads or in towns. Also a Greenhouse, Mushroom house, some Horse Stables, and a Pig Coral. Oh and the chicken coup. As for characters protection from the elements and wildlife is the name of the game. Humans aren't as much of a that as the local wildlife. However, humans are still an ever-present threat. People probably are going to ignore this. So good luck and good writing. Voting will be held from December 13th to December 15th