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    New key events

    January 27, 2015 by The P.B.G

    Hey, I am the P.B.G for those who have not met me and well I would like to create this blog page for some proposed 'key events' to the Fallout world. Now while some of these are human centric e.g. wars, trade, alliances, meetings etc. I was more going for some natural disasters, or events that happen in real life like Hurricane's, freak weather changes, famines, or tornadoes.

    As such I have created a small number of ideas for events that could effect multiple regions of the Fallout world, that could effect multiple groups, giving said people in those areas a chance to change status quo or see how different groups of communities may respond to it.

    I will also note if the greater community does not want such events to take place

    As such here ar…

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