Who: Oval, C4, myself, MBP

What: Post-apocalyptic settlement on the open water.

Where: Deep Gulf of Mexico

When: People have been living there since before the war

Ideas: (Some of our ideas were lost by the Wastes chatlog, unfortunately. I'm trying my hardest to remember them here.)

  • Workers on an oil rig before the war survive the war, with other people from the shore flocking to the rig for safety. The rig links up with cargo ships containing canned foods.
  • Workers establish greenhouses on-site to grow plants necessary for survival (veggies and such). Hemp is grown for its food and utilitarian uses (as well as recreation).
  • Food is obtained via fishing, farming, and searching for edible saline plants, such as seaweed. Fishermen are highly appreciated for the service they render to the community.
  • Trade links are established with the shore fairly early on. Early trading parties bring back food, clothing, and coca leaves. Coca is soon being grown on the station and processed into cocaine, which is then traded on the mainland. The ship's isolation means that the growers of cocaine and marijuana don't need to worry about attacks from rival dealers.
  • Community is multicultural. Although it started as white American workers on station, it attracted Mexican, South American, and Caribbean immigrants, who intermingled with the workers on station.
  • Some of the lower compartments of the rig have flooded, allowing for the creation of rice-paddy-like growing areas.

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