I've been thinking lately. My isolationism and other, less savory activities have reduced me to thinking up ways to sustain this sham of an existence indefinitely.

So, with that out of the way, how do you guys feel about this idea?

I assume most of you remember Bren and how terrible this site was back then. And also how much fun most of us had watching him shoot himself in the foot or killing his ideas. I also assume that most of you are aware that he is also writing a second Fallout fanfiction on called The Wasteland Life. Also, I continue this train of assumptions by postulating that most of you realize that it sucks. Completely and utterly. As Fallout fans and halfway-semi-decent writers, and as horrible, cruel people, we cannot in good conscience let this abomination continue without poking fun at it.

So what I propose is this: as a community, we start with the first chapter of "A Wasteland Life" and pick it apart, bit by bit. We change the story to fit within both Fallout and the grounds of reality. Each person writes a certain amount, then passes it off to the next person. Along the way, we make snide comments about the story or depict what would really happen. I think "deconstruct" may be what I'm thinking, although that may be a little too "high-brow" for our tastes.

Comments? I realize, by the way, that this will attract criticism, and people may think me unnecessarily cruel and bitter. To that I say: Took you an awful long time to realize that, didn't it?

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